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Established in 2017, Aakriti Super Snacks Pvt. Ltd. having its presence in central & eastern India. From many decades company has legacy of manufacturing finest & delicious biscuits and successful in creating “Smile in every Bite” Our relentless focus on quality and freshness has won us prestigious accolades.


Aakriti Brands

Need a delight for your kids taste buds, go for 'Aakriti Biscuits' a brand for presenting delicious variants of creamy and crispy Biscuits like Chocolate, Orange, Elaichi and many more....

Amal Brands

Amal brigs evry range of crispy, curnchy and creatmy range of biscuits for you with its modern product range.

Cake & cream Roll

Presenting varied range of soft, smooth and mouth watering delicacies in Muffins and Cakes specially for you.


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Aakriti Super Snacks Pvt. Ltd.

Old Dhamtari Road, Vill. Kolar,Dist. Raipur - 493661, IndiaPhone : +91 977 017 5000

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